Architectural Stone Panels: Products – Cast Stone, Architectural GFRC, Wet-precast Concrete, GFRG

The AAS team guides installers with the right applications combining all three types of stone panels – dry vibrant-tamp cast stone, wet-precast concrete and architectural GFRC. This enables significant competitive advantage when bidding jobs. AAS has a well-developed system to assist architects, contractors, installers in detailing the anchoring conditions. The project team is able to confirm design feasibility working closely with the designers using CAD drawings.

Learn more about different product materials, project specific stone manufacturing process using links below. In case of specific questions about your specific project, you are welcome to complete the form at the bottom of this page, or go to request support page.

Dry Vibrant-tamp Cast Stone

Architectural Cast Stone | Complex Shapes, Color Matching , Consistency

Complex Shapes, Design Freedom

  • Dry-cast or vibrant-tamp method
  • Matches natural stone products
  • Six standard colors
  • Customize color as required

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Wet-pour Precast Concrete Stone

AAS Architectural Precast Concrete Products - Large Sizes, Custom Finishes - project - cook children's hospital - large sizes, custom shapes

Large Sizes | Custom Shapes

  • Wet pour casting
  • Can include steel reinforcing
  • Ability to customize finish
  • Design Options

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Architectural GFRC Panels

Architectural GFRC - High Strength to Weight Ratio

High Strength to Weight Ratio

  • Light weight cast product
  • Unique material technology
  • Suited for higher elevations
  • Built-in installation support

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Match Any Color: Project Examples

AAS Computerized Color Lab, Testing - project image - Sundance Square East - Commercial Building - retail shops, offices

Colors | Precision, Consistency

  • Internal color lab
  • Combine materials with seamless continuity
  • Quality control, testing for every project

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Complex Geometry, Custom Shapes

AAS Manufactured Architectural Stone - Custom Shapes, High End Design, Products Materials options - cast stone, architectural gfrc, precast, gfrg

Technology | Customer Focus

  • CNC technology
  • Custom mold making
  • High end design capabilities
  • Complex curves, large shapes, intricate designs

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Project Specific Manufacturing of Stone Products

AAS Architectural Stone Manufacturing - Computerized Automated Batch Plant

Consistent Product Quality

  • Track record for large projects
  • Product consistency over years
  • Consistent structural properties, color

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Combine Stone Products: Optimize Design

AAS Case Studies - Enable Customers Design Process - Support Installation - image - LA Sports Hall of Fame

Project Specific Focus, Manufacturing

  • AAS facilitates customer’s design process
  • End-to-end project management
  • Installation support
  • Combine technology with design acumen

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Projects Gallery

Fabricated Stone Cladding, Veneer Design | Wall Coping, Columns, Cornices and Banding

Fabricated Stone Cladding, Veneer Design | Wall Coping, Columns, Cornices and Banding

  • Educational buildings
  • Church, museum buildings
  • Retail, office buildings
  • Hospitals, healthcare buildings

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