Products Overview

The AAS team guides installers with the right applications combining three types of stone panels – dry vibrant-tamp cast stone, wet-pour precast concrete stone and architectural GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete). The flexibility to source all required stone products for a project from one source provides significant competitive advantage when bidding jobs. AAS has a well-developed system to assist architects, contractors, installers in detailing the anchoring conditions.

Dry Vibrant-tamp Cast Stone

Architectural Cast Stone | Complex Shapes, Color Matching , Consistency

Complex Shapes, Design Freedom

  • Dry-cast or vibrant-tamp method
  • Matches natural stone products
  • Precise tolerance
  • Ability to cast both sides of the stone
  • Six standard colors, flexibility to match any custom color

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Wet-pour Precast Concrete Stone

AAS Architectural Precast Concrete Products - Large Sizes, Custom Finishes - project - cook children's hospital - large sizes, custom shapes

Large Sizes | Custom Shapes

  • Wet-pour casting
  • Can be used as structural elements as well
  • Options to customize finish
  • Flexibility for much larger size stone pieces

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Architectural GFRC Panels

Architectural GFRC - High Strength to Weight Ratio

GFRC: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

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Match Any Color: Project Examples

AAS Computerized Color Lab, Testing - project image - Sundance Square East - Commercial Building - retail shops, offices

Colors | Precision, Consistency

  • Internal color lab
  • Combine product materials with matching design continuity
  • Quality control, testing for every project
  • Match any color with control sample

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Complex Geometry, Custom Shapes

AAS Manufactured Architectural Stone - Custom Shapes, High End Design, Products Materials options - cast stone, architectural gfrc, precast, gfrg

Technology | Customer Focus

  • CNC technology
  • Custom mold making
  • High end design capabilities
  • Complex curves, large shapes, intricate designs
  • Matching stringent tolerance requirements for design continuity

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Project Specific Manufacturing of Stone Products

AAS Architectural Stone Manufacturing - Computerized Automated Batch Plant

Consistent Product Quality

  • Track record for large projects
  • Product consistency over years
  • Consistent structural properties, color
  • Design assist, construction assist for customer projects
  • One source to combine different product materials

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Combine Stone Products: Optimize Design

AAS Case Studies - Enable Customers Design Process - Support Installation - image - LA Sports Hall of Fame

Combine Dry- & Wet-pour Cast, GFRC

  • AAS can source all the stone customer might need for a specific project
  • Consistent, uniform matching of color and finish across multiple materials
  • Combine technology with design acumen
  • Installation support

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Fabricated Stone Design Applications: Projects Gallery

Fabricated Stone Cladding, Veneer Design | Wall Coping, Columns, Cornices and Banding

Cladding & Veneers, Wall Coping, Columns, Cornices & Banding, Balustrade Applications

  • Educational buildings
  • Church, museum buildings
  • Retail, office buildings
  • Hospitals, healthcare buildings
  • Hospitality, community centers
  • Residential projects

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