APA Award: Old Parkland West Campus: Architectural Stone Cladding, Veneer Design

Architectural Stone Cladding | AAS Technology and Design Expertise Create Unparalleled Design Freedom | Products: Cast Stone, GFRC AAS Engineering, Manufacturing System for Supporting Contractors, Masons | Elevation Drawing for West Side | Each Stone piece is Uniquely Identified | Delivery to Construction site is Coordinated for Simpler Installation, Project Management Custom Manufactured Cast Stone Created Unifying Design Accent for all Buildings in the Old Parkland Bunnies Park Custom Mold Making | Precision and Consistency in Stone Tolerances along with Custom Shapes for High End Design Custom Designed Manufactured Stone Pieces Fit Together Seamlessly AAS Project: Old Parkland West Campus | Computer Controlled Batch Plant Provide Product Consistency for Both Structural Properties as well as Color and Texture North Elevation for One of the Eight Buildings of the Old Parkland West Campus Architectural Stone Manufacturing, Design System | CAD Drawings, Sequencing, Palletization, Construction Coordination AAS Manufacturing, Planning, Construction Support for Contractors, Masons | South Elevation Drawing for Old Parkland Building Unlimited Design Freedom with Manufactured Architectural Cast Stone, Precast Concrete, GFRC | Seamless Matching with Different Materials for Optimum Value Engineering AAS Project: Old Parkland | Large Custom Design Architectural Stone Pieces Realized Jeffersonian Design Accent for this Big Project with Extensive Exterior Cladding of Multiple Buildings Cast Stone Pieces Designed for Cornice

The Old Parkland campus complements the original and historic landmark structures on this master-planned business campus.


  • This project is situated on 9.5 acres and has 8 primary office buildings. There is more than 200,000 square feet of office space in the complex.
  • Custom manufactured architectural stone helped architect create unifying design element of the Jeffersonian inspired architecture.
  • The cast stone design accent at the higher elevation is realized using Architectural GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete). GFRC also has very competitive strength to weight ratio when compared to other stone products.
  • The AAS team used technology, manufacturing capabilities to create seamlessly uniform look and feel while combining different manufactured stone products for this cladding project.


The project won 2016 APA (Architectural Precast Association) Award for Excellence in Design and Manufacturing.

Custom Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, as well as Support for Construction Planning


Almost every piece of architectural stone had unique design details, from profiles, to chamfer, bevels, and special ornamentation.

  • There were 22,000 pieces of architectural stone used on the project ranging in size from 50 lbs. to 3,500 lbs.
  • The design mix and color was specifically formulated for this project with the product approximating the look of natural limestone. Color and texture were computer controlled within the mix design.  Quality control of batch design on a production-day basis was a part of the manufacturing process.
  • There were many pieces of precast and cast stone that weighed up to 3,000 lbs. and more.  While size does complicate the production process, the exaggerated detail everywhere on the project is what made this project a stand-out.
  • On the installation side of the project, Advanced had to help design and engineer numerous jigs so that the specialty pieces could be set.
  • This project was mold intensive in that there was a large number of molds.  The mold details were important to the overall success of the finished product.  For instance, all the mold work on the entrance to the buildings required both CNC design and artisan finishes.
  • Value engineering – combined different products with seamless color and texture matching.

Project: Old Parkland West Campus, Dallas, TX
Architect: Beck Architecture, LLC
General Contractor: Beck Group
Masonry Contractor: DMG Masonry
AAS Products Used: Architectural Precast, Cast Stone, GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)

AWARD: 2016 Architectural Precast Association (APA) Award for Design and Manufacturing Excellence

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AAS Project: Old Parkland West Business Park | Cast Stone Enabled Unified Jeffersonian Design Accent for all Buildings in the Campus | 2016 APA Award

AAS Project: Old Parkland West Business Park | Cast Stone Enabled Unified Jeffersonian Design Accent for all Buildings in the Campus | 2016 APA Award