Options, Design Support to Combine Stone Products

AAS has capabilities to combine different products on a project while maintaining consistent look and feel. This saves cost and also enables more design options.

Example: HE Headquarters Building

Higher Education Corporate Headquarters Building - Cast stone, GFRC with glass, steel structure

Products: GFRC, Cast Stone

  • Custom stone panels integrated with glass, steel structure
  • Stone cladding elements softened the aesthetic appeal of office building
  • Matching cast stone, GFRC panels for veneer design of interior grand foyer

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Example: Cook Children's Hospital

AAS Architectural Precast Concrete Products - Large Sizes, Custom Finishes - project - cook children's hospital - large sizes, custom shapes

Products: Cast Stone, Precast, GFRC

  • Large size, manufactured stone panels matched natural lime stone
  • Cost savings made the project feasible within available budget
  • New cladding design blended seamlessly with older buildings

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Example: Stoneleigh Residential Tower

Stoneleigh Residential Tower - GFRC, cast stone panels for design aesthetic

Products: Cast Stone, GFRC

  • Cast stone veneer, rain-screen on first two floors of the building
  • Custom GFRC panels for balconies matching seamlessly with cast stone
  • Collaboration with contractors, suppliers for successful project execution

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Example: SMU Caruth Hall

Architectural GFRC - High Strength to Weight Ratio

Products: GFRC, Cast Stone, Precast

  • Architectural wet-precast concrete for load bearing cladding elements
  • Cast stone panels with intricate design, precise shapes
  • Glass fiber reinforced concrete panels at higher elevation

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Example: Dining Hall, Student Dorms

SMU Commons - stone panels exterior panel provided contemporary look

Products: Cast Stone, GFRC

  • Technology, stone panel design blended with culture, tradition of the campus
  • Vibrant experience with contemporary monolithic veneer design
  • Close coordination with contractor for manufacturing, staging, sequencing, delivery of products

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Example: Delta Gamma Sorority House

SMU Delta Gamma - GFRC Cladding, Fluted Columns, Cornices

Product: GFRC

  • Fluted, tapered architectural columns using glass fiber reinforced concrete
  • Custom design GFRC cornices with built in connections simplified installation
  • GFRC matched with cast stone, lime stone cladding of other buildings

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Custom Molds for Projects

AAS Custom Mold Making Technology - accuracy, precision in stone panels make hightly detailed intricate designs possible

Products: Cast Stone, GFRC

  • CNC technology makes it possible to create complex shapes with stringent tolerance requirements
  • AAS team plans every project all the way from CAD to shipping
  • Complex shapes, large size panels are part of the design and manufacturing set up as required

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LA Sports Hall of Fame

Cane river channels emulated using cast stone

Product: Cast Stone

  • Monolithic stone veneer design using precise, large size cast stone panels
  • Stone design realized vision of emulating the Cane River channels
  • Extensive use of BIM Modeling, close collaboration with architect for design verification

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