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Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame: Case Study, Video

Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS formerly Advanced Cast Stone) helped realize Trahan Architects vision of fluid Cane river shapes of the braided corridors of river channels separated by interstitial masses of land. The museum houses memorabilia contributed by the diverse cultures that shaped the state of Louisiana and the Gulf South.


See video of LA Sports Hall of Fame project put together by Trahan Architects and Spirit of Space


AAS (Formerly ACS) – Technology, Collaboration for Successful Project Execution


LA Sports Hall of Fame | Cast Stone | Architect: Trahan Architects | Masonry Contractor: Masonry ArtsAAS Team –


  • Created 1,250 unique cast stone panels with required thickness and attachments, each of complex irregular shape. The biggest panel was about 18 x 12; it weighed 9,600 lbs.
  • Leveraged BIM modeling technology for realizing required surface for museum interior.
  • Tested accuracy of every mold so that would make extremely stringent tolerance requirements.
  • Supported successful installation without having to re-do a single panel. The project required dimensional tolerances of less than +/- 1/8, a variation in length of +/- 1/8, and a warp, bow, and twist test of +/- 1/360 of length of unit, or 1/8.
  • Collaborated and successfully coordinated with modeling consultant CASE, general contractor VCC, structural engineering consultant LBYD, steel geometry consultant Method Design, architect for the project Trahan Architects, and Masonry Arts to complete the project.

This is first time that cast stone is used for realizing design surface so complex and project of such a big scale (27,500 square foot built space).

The museum created an empowering appeal to pull patrons through different parts of the museum. It delivered on the vision of presenting this cultural heritage in a very engaging fashion.

Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS) won CSI Award of Excellence for this project.


Architect: Trahan Architects
Masonry Arts
Material Used:
Cast Stone


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