Kerf Slot with Strap Anchors: Technique for Installation

Installation Technique for Anchoring Cast Stone, Precast, GFRC - Kerf Slot with Bent Strap

This video shows details of a very commonly used technique for anchoring cast stone (dry-vibrant tamp), architectural wet-pour precast, or GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) panels. The AAS design and engineering process includes details for installation anchorage to confirm the final design aesthetic in the initial review, design assist process. With detailed drawings and coordination SEE MORE… »

Design Assist, Construction Assist for Project Success

AAS Collaboration for Design Assist, Construction Assist | System for Custom Products Design that Eliminates Vertical Fragmentation

Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS – formerly ACS) has well developed system to design and manufacture products that are customized for every project. The accuracy and precision of the stone panels, along with ability to realize any complex shape or intricate design details enables designers to create high-end design whether that is for monolithic stone veneers, SEE MORE… »

SMU Commons: Exterior Veneer, Cladding Design using Stone Panels

Anita and Truman Arnolds Dining Commons, SMU | Cast stone, Architectural GFRC | Custom Molds, Customer Project Management Simplified Installation, Achieved Design with Precision

Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS) has extensive track record for manufacturing cast stone, architectural precast and GFRC for cladding, exterior veneer, and almost any other architectural design. These pictures are of a number of buildings at the Southern Methodist University (SMU) campus. You are viewing a new dining hall and housing complex call the SMU Commons; the SEE MORE… »