AAS for Masons, Contractors, Builders

Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS – formerly Advanced Cast Stone) has the manufacturing capacity to build projects of any size.

AAS plants are certified by the Cast Stone Institute (CSI) and the Architectural Precast Association (APA). AAS is also an associate member of the Mason Contractors Association (MCAA).

With three strategically located manufacturing facilities, AAS has done business in every state but Alaska.



AAS Partners With Contractors, Masons: Construction Project Execution


AAS has experienced support staff who offer proven support in project coordination and installation, coupled with technology advantages. AAS has won more awards than any other company manufacturing architectural stone products.

AAS Helps Masons

The mason is often the most involved person using our product line since he is responsible for the installation.

Let AAS help from the start:

  • AAS can give the mason our take-off or estimate of the cast stone, precast or GFRC that is shown on the architectural plans. Our take-off or estimate of the quantity of product is detailed and is described in the same manner that the architect has called-out the product on the original plans. This will help you make sure that your review and our review match.
  • AAS can help you decide how the product is going to be attached to the structure. AAS team provides detailed guidelines and support.
  • AAS can help you select and combine masonry products for cost-savings as well as simplified construction process.
  • AAS can sequence and schedule product delivery to match with construction milestones; this simplifies the need for storage at the construction site.
  • The AAS team is able to tell masons and contractors precisely which pallet a particular piece of the stone is located. This makes installation much easier.
  • AAS is able to collaborate actively to review, confirm design details (see more about it in this video blog post). As required, the AAS team can coordinate with the contractor of the project for this design assist process, or if preferred by the customer work directly with architect for the project as well.

AAS has masons on staff, so they understand very clearly what a mason would need.





Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS - Formerly ACS) Team Supports Contractors, Builders, Masons - construction of LA Sports Hall of Fame Museum

Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS – Formerly ACS) Team Supports Contractors, Builders, Masons – construction of LA Sports Hall of Fame Museum

Value for Contractors and Builders

Contractors and builders have the whole project in mind. AAS guides them with specialized expertise in the masonry projects.

  • AAS can help in product selection. There are times that dry-cast stone, wet-precast, and GFRC will each bring a distinct advantage on a project. AAS can help you make the decision to keep cost down and quality high by using the best combination of products. AAS can also help the builder with changes, so that adjustments go smoothly with the architect on the project.
  • AAS can assist you in finding the right installer for the project. AAS has, by market area, thousands of qualified and independent installers. Great trades people are an important component of overall project success.
  • AAS has technical sales people to assist builders and contractors with their customer’s questions and desires. AAS wants to assist in educating the owner about masonry products that are best for each project.


Project: 714 Main Street - Manufactured Cast Stone for high design, custom color matching, simpler installation

Project: 714 Main Street – Manufactured Cast Stone for high design, custom color matching, simpler installation | Click on the Image Above to Learn More …


GFRC Panels with Pre-engineered Built-in Connections Provide Design Flexibiliity and Much Simpler Construction

GFRC Panels with Pre-engineered Built-in Connections Provide Design Flexibiliity, Simplify Construction | LEARN MORE >>


Product Quality


AAS has the best mold making capacity available, with cutting-edge CNC machines and experienced artisan mold makers. AAS also has a computerized batching system that guarantees consistent product quality throughout the project.

The AAS system and in-house technology matches product color requirements precisely whether the product is made from architectural dry-cast stone, architectural wet-precast, GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete), or GFRG.


Architectural stone for SMU Simmons Hall - Customer Support, Coordination, Construction Planning, Installation Support

Architectural stone for SMU Simmons Hall – Customer Support, Coordination, Construction Planning, Installation Support


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