Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS) – Technology, Materials Options, Customer Focus

Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS – formerly Advanced Cast Stone) is a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial architectural stone products used by masons, architects, developers, general contractors and building owners. Our specially designed precast masonry products simulate natural stone and are ideal for columns, window and door surrounds, entries, and cladding.

AAS produces cast stone by a process known as dry-cast or vibrant-damp that simulates limestone, granite, slate, travertine and marble. AAS also produces architectural precast through a wet-pour or wet-cast method; used for large pieces of ornamental architectural building elements.

In addition, AAS has capabilities to produce architectural GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete). This material is used when a lighter weight material is needed. GFRC weighs approximately 50% of traditional cast stone and precast concrete materials.

Another specialty product of the company is Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG). The product is light weight and has interior applications.

With cutting-edge technology and experience of the team, AAS is able to match any desired color and texture using all of these materials options. AAS has extensive track record for projects where different materials are combined with seamless feel for the colors among all of them.

Whether you are designing custom signage, an office or a commercial building, or residential structure, Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS) takes a full-service approach to your project, from specification, CAD development, manufacturing and delivery.