AAS Technology, Design Assist, Manufacturing for Customer Projects

Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS Formerly ACS) has very well developed technology, customer project support system as well as an experienced team to take care of all phases of a construction project. This has paved the way for unmatched track record of awards and projects success.

See the AAS technology and customer focus in works in this video tour split over a number of parts.


Part One: Estimating


Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS) simplifies bidding process for architectural or builder plans using the computerized estimating department. The technology capabilities enable AAS to download project blue prints from online construction services as well. The onsite reprographics facility provides and prints professional project specs. With the technology, equipment as well as the team so well experienced in customer project focus, AAS empowers customers to focus on design vision and value engineering.

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Part Two: AAS Computerized System for Projects Design, Customization, Communication and Customer Approval


Once a customer project is approved, AAS team enters the project information into its secured database that is used for internal use of the project team only. This information is never shared with anyone else. The experienced professionals at AAS take the project specifications and transfer them for Auto CAD image drafting software. AAS has developed enhancements to the software that enables it to create drawings for intricate customized mold making.

The system is able to create and communicate drawings that can be communicated with customers for approvals as well.

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Part Three: Customer Projects Management, Sales Support


AAS sales department assigns dedicated project management, customer support team to every project. It is able to answer any question related to the customer project, and provide required information and guidance related to project ordering, project design, selection and manufacturing of required molds, scheduling of products manufacturing, sequencing, delivery, installation or any other questions customers might have. The AAS teams are organized to support both commercial as well as residential projects.

Builders and contractors can work with AAS project team members directly. AAS team generates project shop tickets and shop drawings while communicating, coordinating with the customer team.

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Part Four: AAS Computerized Automated Batch Plant, Technology


AAS manufacturing process uses proprietary technology of automated computerized batch plant. With this AAS is able to ensure accuracy and consistency of raw materials for project of any size, and over manufacturing duration that can range anywhere from a few days to years. This ability together with a very rich and deep pool of talented professionals, AAS is able to handle projects of any size very effectively.

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Part Five: AAS Mold Making using CNC Technology and Skilled Artisans


Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS – Formerly ACS) is able to make molds in two ways – artisan built and machine built. The technology and system is able to interpret the Auto CAD drawings and create customized molds.

CNC (Computerized Numerical Controlled) machine is able to select router blades and machine tools to create mold with virtually any custom shape.

AAS has won a number of awards using its in house technology and experience in custom mold making.


Part Six: AAS (Formerly ACS) Internal Lab, Quality Control


AAS has a fully equipped internal lab for quality control and testing. AAS team uses the lab for regular color sampling, material consistency, strength and moisture absorption testing. Every AAS project is supervised by a dedicated quality control supervisor. AAS is able to provide custom colors and finishes for projects of any size and with any combination of unique color and finish desired by the design team.



Part Seven: Products Staging, Sequencing, Delivery for Smooth Installation


AAS has required staff in-house to help customers with planning and smooth execution of construction projects.

Each stone is individually marked for installation assistance. Specialty equipment wraps each pallet providing data tracking and exact order quantity. The AAS project team works very closely with customers eliminating costly mistakes. AAS project team works seamlessly with masons, contractors or builders throughout the construction process.


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