SMU Delta Gamma | Architectural GFRC Matched Other Manufactured and Natural Stone Products on Nrighboring BuildingsManufactured Architectural GFRC Stone | Columns, Custom Signage, Cladding for High end Design AccentArchitectural Stone Cladding using Custom Design Manufactured GFRC StoneGFRC Panels with Pre-engineered Built-in Connections Provide Design Flexibiliity and Much Simpler Construction

GFRC Panels Cladding for SMU Delta Gamma: Columns, Capitals, Cornices, Signage, Wall Coping, Trim

SMU (Southern Methodist University) Delta Gamma Sorority House is on the east side of the main campus of the university. A critical requirement for the project was to conform to a strict code of design compatibility for all buildings on the campus. The AAS team worked closely with the designer, general contractor, and mason to realize the design cost-effectively minimizing risk and delays.


Custom Design, Manufacturing of GFRC Products to Achieve Design Vision: Close Collaboration on all Phases of the Project

GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete): High-end Design with Complex shapes, Precise Tolerance, Pre-engineered Installation SupportSMU Delta Gamma Sorority House | GFRC Products Require Way Less Support Structure for Construction Compared to other Stone ProductsHigh-end Design of Corinthian Columns and Cornices | Structural Support Required for GFRC at Higher Elevation is much SimplerGFRC Stone is Hollow from inside with Freedom to Integrate Support Structure Frames | Technology Still Provides the Stone High Strength and DurabilityHigh Strength to Weight Ratio Enables GFRC Design with Simpler Construction and Easier Structural RequirementsGFRC Product Piece with Built-in Installation Support Frame being Placed in Position | GFRC Simplifies Onsite ConstructionSimple Lightweight Pole Holding GFRC Cornice in Place While being Installed | Other Architectural Stone Products Require Extensive Support Framework for ConstructionFinal Phase of Cornice Piece Installation | Cornice at Higher Elevation is a Key Design Element at the SMU Delta Gamma Sorority HouseDesign Freedom with Manufactured Stone | Custom Molds with Manufacturing Technology and Plants Create High End AestheticsCustom Signage on the Cornices is Designed into Manufactured GFRC Stone Pieces | Easy Handling of Large Size GFRC Pieces at the Construction SiteClose up View of GFRC Cornice from side | SEE more about Manufacturing Technique in VIDEOSBack side of a GFRC Custom Cornice Design Piece | Steel Frame is Integrated in the Stone at Time of ManufacturingGFRC Products Create Finish of Stone with Desired Color and Finish with Built-in Frame, Anchors for Onsite InstallationInstallers Able to Easily Position Cornice Piece in Place


  • Value Engineering – AAS engineering team suggested using architectural GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) panels for this project after an in-depth review of the design requirements. The selection of GFRC panels minimized structural support requirements while providing design flexibility to realize required intricate design details.
  • Design Assist –  The AAS team reviewed design details for the project and provided feedback to confirm design feasibility. The AAS team collaborates with the design team using AutoCAD, Revit, or other BIM software products as required.
  • Construction Assist – The design team provided installation guidelines, answered questions to detail the anchoring conditions for the GFRC panels.



  • Color Matching – The AAS team took control sample and developed the custom batch mix for the GFRC panels to precisely match other buildings on the SMU campus.
  • Custom Molds, Manufacturing – The CAD department took the architect’s design details and developed drawings. The structural support, installation anchors, connection details were pre-engineered during this phase.
  • Products Consistency – Different product applications such as column covers and capitals, cornices, banding, signage, trim for window surrounds and entryway, etc. have consistently matching color and structural properties. AAS uses a fully automated batch plant along with the rigorous product quality assurance testing to achieve this on every customer project.



  • Construction Planning – The different panels were manufactured, staged, and delivered with a thorough detailing of the installation sequence.
  • Installation Support – The AAS project team explained installation details to the masonry contractor, enabling a smooth construction process.

Mason for the project: “This was our first project with GFRC. Installation was much simpler than any other cast stone project that we have done so far. GFRC is extremely easy to install.”


Custom Design GFRC Cornices

GFRC cornices with pre-engineered connections for simple, easy installation: see the manufacturing process for GFRC cornices in this VIDEO BLOG POST >>

Architectural GFRC Cornice Manufacturing Process - Video Clips

Fluted Tapered GFRC Columns, Corinthian Capitals

Custom design fluted, tapered GFRC columns, and Corinthian capitals … VIDEO CLIPS show the manufacturing process for creating different components of the modular design >>

Fluted GFRC Columns - Architectural GFRC Manufacturing Process



Pre-engineered built in connections simplified the installation empowering architect’s design process.





SMU Sorority House | Architectural Stone Design using Custom Manufactured GFRC ProductsLight Weight of GFRC Panels Minimizes need for Heavy Construction Equipment | Cost-effecitve, Much Simpler ConstructionConnections, Installation Anchors are Pre-engineered in GFRC Products ensuring Smooth Project Execution and much Simpler InstallationPrecise Molds, Carefully Planned Manufacturing, Rigorous Quality Testing Enable Monolithic Stone look with GFRCCustom Molds, Material Technology, Design Craftsmanship combine for High-end Design AestheticGFRC Fluted Columns, Corinthian Capitals | SMU Delta Gamma Sorority HouseSMU Delta Gamma | Architectural GFRC Cladding | , Fluted GFRC Columns with Corinthian CapitalsFluted GFRC Columns, Cornices using Precise Custom Molds and Cutting Edge Manufacturing CapabilitiesAAS Value Engineering for SMU Delta Gamma Sorority House | Architectural GFRC Blended Seamlessly with Adjacent Buildings that used other Stone Products


Architectural GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)


  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Much simpler installation compared to other stone products
  • Consistent product quality and finish, durability
  • Unparalleled design freedom



GFRC Panels with Pre-engineered Built-in Connections Provide Design Flexibiliity and Much Simpler Construction

GFRC Panels with Pre-engineered Built-in Connections Provide Design Flexibiliity and Simplify Construction | Video, Project Examples >>