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The Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame building houses the cultural heritage of memorabilia contributed by diverse cultures shaping the state of Louisiana and the Gulf South.

To celebrate the region’s history and location, Trahan Architects envisioned passages inside the museum to emulate fluid shapes of the braided corridors of the Cane River channels, leading the visitor through a meandering path of galleries. The AAS team manufactured large size stone panels with complex shapes to achieve architect’s vision.



Complex Geometry: Never before had stone been used as veneer with such complex geometry and size. The AAS team used BIM (Building Information Modeling) to coordinate between the design and manufacturing. This BIM effort was headed by CASE, Inc. in New York.

Smooth Finish: The AAS team verified the geometry of molds used to cast the stone, and delivered unique shaped, large pieces with stringent tolerance requirements. The stone pieces fit like a glove to achieve the fluid shapes of the museum corridors with a smooth monolithic finish.

Large Size Stone Pieces: The biggest panel used in the building was about 18’ x 12’; it weighed 9,600 lbs. The AAS team molded both the front and back sides of every panel, so that the stone pieces would fit in the narrow wall space available. The vibrant-tamp cast stone panels weighed much less compared to wet-pour cast stone products of similar size. The AAS team designed every panel with the required thickness and attachments needed for precise installation.