Manufactured stone products provide flexibility to create fully customizable column covers, column wraps that can match with the design vision.


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Three Product Material Options


Dry vibrant-tamp cast stone provides design flexibility to custom design column covers with complex design while also providing competitive structural properties.

Wet-pour precast concrete enable options to embed structural support for load bearing column applications.

Architectural GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) column wraps are only ¾” thick and yet have high strength to weight ratio, simplifying structural support requirements for higher elevation applications.


Project Specific Support: Custom Fabrication


Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS) has extensive track record for integrating columns with overall design for cladding applications, exterior stone veneer or façade applications, cornices and bandings, architectural trim around building entry ways/windows/doors, wall coping, etc. As required, design can be realized while combining different product materials as well while maintaining uniform/seamless design aesthetic.

The AAS team is able to collaborate with design team using SHOP drawings to confirm design feasibility and developing pre-engineered anchoring conditions for easy installation of the columns.

AAS helps contractors with columns covers and wraps for both commercial as well as residential applications.

Customers have flexibility to match any color with the control sample.

When required, designers have option to select column designs from an extensive range of in house molds inventory. This can help with faster turnaround times for stone concrete columns designs.

Use the support request form to ask about in-house inventory of architectural column covers, column wraps.


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