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Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS) opens up new design possibilities for architects, designers, contractors and masons. Manufacturing technology and design craftsmanship makes it possible to have consistent product quality for projects of any size. AAS has very well developed customer projects management support that simplifies onsite installation, construction.

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Technology creates opportunities for automation and consistency. Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS) puts it to use for consistent product quality and consistency.

The completely automated and computerized batch plant eliminates the error and guess work while making sure raw materials quality and consistency is same through out a project. A number of gauging points, measurements feeding into the monitoring system enables consistent colors, finish, product strength for projects of any size.

Learn more about the AAS computerized batch plant in this video.


AAS Batch Plant in Works: LA Sports Hall of Fame Project

The 27,500 sq ft building embodies Trahan Architect’s vision of cane river channels. The project required large cast stone pieces each unique in its shape and complexity.
See AAS Case Study --- Cast Stone Realized Vision for LA Sports Hall of Fame Project


AAS Batch Plant, Craftsmanship in Works: Reagan Place, Old Parkland


AAS team has extensive experience in coming up with materials composition to match colors while combining different products such as cast stone, architectural precast, architectural GFRC as well as GFRG.

AAS is integral part of development of the Reagan Place, now known as Old Parkland. The team combined architectural precast, cast stone and GFRC in this project with seamless color matching. The new construction blended naturally in to the overall ambiance, culture and heritage of the site. The batch plant made it all look so uniform and consistently beautiful for this project.

AAS Project: Reagan Place, Old Parkland | AAS Computerized Batch Plant and Craftsmanship Delivered Consistency | Click on the image to see the CASE STUDY...

AAS Project: Reagan Place, Old Parkland | AAS Computerized Batch Plant and Craftsmanship Delivered Consistency | See the CASE STUDY…

Note: See AAS video tour of the plant…