AAS Products: Q & A

Q1: What are the different manufactured stone materials I can get from AAS?


A: Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS) can provide three different types of stone products to customers.

  1. Dry (vibrant-tamp) Cast Stone
  2. Wet-pour Architectural Precast Concrete
  3. GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)

AAS can be a single source manufacturer for all the manufactured stone you need for a project.

Q2: Where can I download product specifications?


A: This blog post has links to download specifications for any of the three products – cast stone, wet-pour precast concrete and GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete).

This Downloads page on website also has links for specifications as well as technical data and products certifications.

Q3: How do I compare different fabricated stone products you provide?


A: See this products comparison guide.

In case of more questions about this, you are welcome to submit our request support form.

Q4: How do I decide what is the right product to use for my project?


A: Refer to this blog post for products selection overview.

In case of questions about your specific project, you are welcome to send your project details to our customer projects team using request support form. They will look at project requirements and provide recommendations for using the right product(s).

Q5: Is it possible to combine different product materials for a project?


A: Yes, customers have options to combine different products while maintaining consistent look and feel. For example, wet-pour architectural precast can be used for load bearing structural stone applications while dry (virbant-tamped) cast stone is used for intricate shapes with stringent tolerance requirements, and GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) for higher elevations where less weight of stone panels can simplify structural engineering and construction process.

See project examples for combined stone applications in this case study.

Q6: Do you offer warranty on your products? 

Q7: What are the sizes available for the stone pieces?



Q8: What are available options for stone shapes?


A: Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS) specializes in customizing stone panels as required by the project. Customers are able to get stone pieces in virtually any shape they need. Click on this blog post link to learn more about technology, as well as project examples of stone pieces manufactured in complex shapes.

AAS also has large inventory of molds for the standard product catalog items.

In case of specific question about your project requirements, please complete request support form, and our team will be in touch with you shortly.

Q9: What are my options for stone color and texture?


A: Refer to this color charts page to see the standard color and texture options.

With control samples, the AAS team is able match virtually any custom color. See this case study with a number of project examples where AAS provided stone pieces in project specific custom colors & textures.

As required, Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS) is able to combine different stone material applications as well while maintaining consistent look and feel.

Q10: What is the best method to install stone? Do you provide training for installation?



Q11: What is minimum required spacing between the stone panels and wall? 



Q12: What are the maintenance requirements for different products that you offer?



Q13: Can you match specific custom color that my project needs?



Q14: Can I get stone pieces in complex shapes and still fit them seamlessly without intrusive connection details?



Q15: My project involves use of highly creative, intricate art work. Can I achieve that using fabricated stone?



Q16: What is your process to customize stone manufacturing for a specific construction project?



Q17: What measures do you employ to ensure consistently high product quality? 


A: computer controlled custom color, batch plant, strict quality control on every step of the production process

Q18: How can I confirm engineering details for connecting stone pieces?



Q19: Do you provide assistance with construction planning?



Q20: I need to manage space on my construction site very tightly. What can I do to keep holding space requirement for manufactured stone panels to a minimum?



Q21: How can I track individual stone pieces to be installed on the site?



Q22: Do you provide products installation training?



Q23: Do you help with onsite troubleshooting? 



Q24: How can I confirm feasibility of the project early in the design phase?