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The architectural design of the new Sorority House building at SMU uses fluted columns for a unique accent. AAS team worked with the architect and contractor to come up with an answer of using architectural GFRC product for this. See the manufacturing process in these video clips.

Step One: Designing and Creating Custom Molds


AAS used CNC technology and craftsmanship to design the fluted column using modular molds that would create different components of the column – the base, tapered column split over parts, and uniquely sculpted Corinthian capital.

See the molds in this video…


Molds are lined up in the plant to begin the GFRC casting process…


Step Two: GFRC Casting Process – Applying Face Mix and Spraying, Packing Back up Mix


See in these video clips application of the face mix and back up mix.


Smooth layer of face mix applied …
Back up mix is sprayed and packed …




Step Three: GFRC Casting Process – Thickening the Edges



GFRC (Glass Fiber reinforced concrete) has a three forth of an inch thick wall with hollow space in the middle. So, it is much lighter in weight. GFRC is also called light weight concrete.

With fibers in the cast mix, GFRC still provides very good strength to weight ratio. This simplifies the structural and installation requirements.

See products comparison guide to compare the three manufactured stone products – architectural dry cast stone, architectural wet precast and GFRC.