Architectural Precast

Architectural Precast is a material manufactured by wet casting concrete in molds. Precast panels are produced in a controlled environment resulting in high performance architectural panels that include steel reinforcing. Precast panels resemble natural stone products and can be used anywhere natural stone is used. Due to our manufacturing process, the panels can be molded in ways natural stone cannot, increasing the aesthetic and design options in which the stone can be used.

Our CNC technology and experience allows for an efficient mold making process that produces high quality panels. We have a significant number of fiberglass molds in inventory; they can be reused without altering the product quality. Architectural precast is a masonry structural product that can be used as a feature trim, ornament, or facing on any building type.

We have developed a production process that creates stone resembling an “Old World” look highly popular in residential construction. This look is manufactured in proprietary earth tones. We are able to produce extra large panels in traditional and contemporary designs. We have all of the industry certifications available and are subjected to thorough random unscheduled inspections to maintain our certifications.

Our services include support at any phase of the project, including design and production of details for construction documents, as well as specification development. Once our product is produced to customer specifications, installation can be done by a qualified mason.

Our proprietary processes, knowledge, experience, and market position as a leading supplier of stone products, guarantees reliable service and a high quality product.