Art and Science of Architectural Stone Cladding

Custom design, fabrication of stone panels with unlimited options to customize shapes and sizes enable unparalleled design freedom for cladding applications.

Advanced Architectural Stone (AAS) has a well-developed system to:

  • Review, revise design details while working closely with architects and contractors.
  • Pre-engineer connection & structural support systems in the stone products fabrication process. This simplifies the installation.
  • Precisely control and confirm stringent tolerance requirements.
  • Combine stone products with seamless design effect.
  • Match any color with a control sample.


Sundance Square

AAS Computerized Color Lab, Testing - project image - Sundance Square East - Commercial Building - retail shops, offices

Architectural Stone Cladding | Products: Cast Stone, GFRC

Cook Children's Hospital

AAS Architectural Precast Concrete Products - Large Sizes, Custom Finishes - project - cook children's hospital - large sizes, custom shapes

Fabricated Stone Panels for Exterior Cladding | Large Sizes | Custom Shapes

Grapevine Convention Center

AAS Manufactured Architectural Stone - Custom Shapes, High End Design, Products Materials options - cast stone, architectural gfrc, precast, gfrg

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